Introducing Vintersol at the CFCC
Vintersol Distillery stand at a CFCC event

Setting up

Welcome to the first post on the Vintersol blog. We will be using this space to share content that is a little longer form than an Instagram post, particularly about events that we enjoy.

Recently we had the pleasure of participating in an event organised by the Council of Foreign Chambers of Commerce (CFCC), an umbrella organisation that brings together foreign chambers of commerce operating in the UK. We were there representing the Danish-UK Association (DKUK), an organisation we are a member of that promotes trade and investment between Denmark and the UK.

Photo of Draper's Hall during a CFCC event

What a view

The event at the sensational Draper's Hall was an evening of international wine, spirits, and beer tasting that brought all the foreign chambers of commerce in the UK together, providing a great opportunity for networking and an impressive showcase of drinks from all around the world.

As huge fans of aquavit, we appreciated the opportunity to spread the word about this Nordic spirit as representatives of Denmark, and really enjoyed sharing our creations and getting feedback from all the attendees. This was also the international début of our No.2 Original Aquavit and we were thrilled to receive such a positive response.

Sasha from Vintersol Distillery using chopsticks to prepare aquavit and tonics

When you forget the tongs, chopsticks will do!

As a small, independent distillery, events like this are a great opportunity for us to connect with other businesses and enthusiasts in the industry. We were proud to represent DKUK and share a taste of our Danish-inspired aquavit with the world.

We look forward to participating in similar events in the future and continuing to share our passion for aquavit with others. Stay tuned for more updates from Vintersol Distillery!

Brian from Vintersol Distillery explaining aquavit

"Aquavit is a Nordic spirit..."